What Is a Digital Creator on Facebook?

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If you see engaging content on social media platforms, chances are it’s from a digital creator who’s sharing their work with you. What is a digital creator on Facebook, though? It’s someone who produces content for the platform to engage with their audience.

Facebook provides tools, such as Creator Studio, to help these creators manage their content and even earn money through features like ad revenue and fan subscriptions.

In this article, we are going to explain what exactly it is that digital creators do on Facebook. We’ll also talk about the types of content they produce, the strategies they employ to engage with their audiences, and how you can become a digital creator on Facebook.

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What Does Digital Creator Mean on Facebook?

A digital creator on Facebook is the default category for people who transition from a personal profile to a professional profile. Having this display on someone’s profile means that they are actively producing and sharing content on the platform.

People can follow you if your profile is set to “digital creator” and anyone who views your profile can see your followers list. You still have the option to show some of your updates to friends only, though.

Note that digital creator is just one category and there are many others you can change to once you turn on professional mode for your profile.

What Does a Digital Creator Do?

A digital creator produces engaging content in the form of text, images, videos, blogs, infographics, and even podcasts. Many people tend to believe that it’s the same thing as an influencer, but there is a small difference between them.

Digital creators don’t “influence” their fans and followers the way influencers do. Their purpose is to just create content they love and share it with other people who enjoy the same type of content. Keep in mind, though, that it’s entirely possible for a digital creator to end up becoming an influencer once they get big enough and start getting sponsored by brands and companies.

Since your digital creator profile is connected to your main profile, you won’t be able to access it if you decide to delete or deactivate your Facebook account.

Here are some examples of famous digital creators/influencers on Facebook:

Pewdiepie is one of the most popular digital creators not just on Facebook, but also on YouTube. He makes multiple types of videos, including vlogs, book recommendations, and gaming reviews.
View Pewdiepie's Profile
Markiplier is another famous digital creator on Facebook who has over 3.5 million followers and is known for his "Let's Play" gaming videos.
View Markiplier's Profile
Nigel Ng or Uncle Roger is a famous comedian known for reacting to cooking videos.
View Nigel Ng's Profile
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Can You Make Money as a Digital Creator on Facebook?

Yes, you can make money as a digital creator on Facebook by placing ads on your reels, before, during, or after short-form and long-form videos, and by enabling fan subscriptions.

Subscription essentially lets you create exclusive content for a select group of your most dedicated followers. These subscribers are willing to support your work by paying a monthly fee to access this premium content. It’s a fantastic way to foster a closer connection with your audience and reward them for their loyalty.

Plus, it provides you with a reliable source of income as a digital creator on Facebook, allowing you to continue producing high-quality content that resonates with your community.

You also have the option to sell merchandise through the Facebook Shop.

How Can I Become a Digital Creator?

To become a digital creator on Facebook, you first need to switch to “professional mode.”

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open your Facebook profile by clicking on your profile icon in the top-right corner and then your name.

  2. Click on the menu button (the three dots) under the profile header.

  3. Then, select Turn on professional mode.

    turn on professional mode highlighted

  4. A small window will pop up. Click on Turn on.

    digital creator on facebook profile

This will change the category of your Facebook profile to “Digital Creator.” From here, you can start creating and sharing content you’re passionate about. The professional mode also unlocks access to specialized tools and features designed to support digital creators, such as Creator Studio, where you can manage your content, analyze performance metrics, and engage with your audience more effectively.

To build an audience, here’s what we recommend doing:

How Do I Get Successful as a Digital Creator on Facebook?

If you want to take it more seriously, then you’ll have to think of it as a full-time business. That means hiring people who can help with tasks such as content creation, marketing, analytics, and community management. It also involves establishing clear goals, developing a content strategy, and allocating resources effectively to ensure sustainable growth and success.

These things require dedication, organization, and a willingness to invest time and effort into building your brand and expanding your audience. It’s about treating your digital creator journey with the same level of commitment and professionalism as you would with any other business endeavor.

By hiring people, you can delegate tasks, streamline operations, and scale your efforts more effectively. This allows you to focus on the task that you believe you do best and frees up time to explore new opportunities, engage with your audience, and take your digital creator career to the next level.

Build Your Brand on Facebook

Building a brand on Facebook as a digital creator can be quite difficult, but it’s an exciting journey. If there is a topic you’re very passionate about, then you’ll never get tired of creating interesting content around it and if you’re doing enough research, you’ll continuously find new angles, trends, and insights to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Plus, as long as it’s well-researched and engaging, it will naturally attract and captivate your audience.

This combination of passion and quality content is the key to building a strong and loyal community of followers who share your enthusiasm and values. You also have to stay consistent and keep track of your insights using Creator Studio.

Monitor the performance of your content, understand your audience demographics, and identify trends that can inform your content strategy. By staying informed and adapting based on these insights, you can continue to grow and engage your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a digital creator on Facebook?

Yes, anyone can be a digital creator on Facebook as long as they’re above 18. All you have to do is turn on “Professional Mode” in your Facebook profile. Just activating Professional Mode isn’t enough, though. You’ll need to consistently create and share high-quality content to attract and retain followers.

What is a digital creator profile on Facebook?

A digital creator profile on Facebook is a profile category designed for people who create original content and build a fan base around it. It offers additional features and tools tailored to the needs of content creators, allowing them to better connect with their audience, manage their content, and monetize their efforts.

How much money can I make as a digital creator on Facebook?

Facebook pays between $10 to $20 per 1000 views for in-stream ads on videos, although actual earnings can vary based on factors such as audience demographics, content quality, and advertiser demand. 

To see your estimate earnings from Subscriptions, go to Meta Business Suite > Monetisation > Subscriptions > Tools > See Insights.

If your subscribers pay for subscriptions on desktop, you’ll get 100% of the price they pay. In case they pay on Android or iOS, you’ll get 70%.